About our Company

Avant-garde Productions, LLC is a cutting edge production company in Tampa Bay. We are equipped to handle any of your creative needs. We pride ourselves in our quality, client satisfaction and value.

From testimonial videos to Television Shows we have done it all. So if you want your website to generate results you need to add online video advertising to your mix. A website without video is considered outdated. Web surfers watch and respond to video better than they do to static images or text alone.


Reasons to Use Video

1. Nothing tells your story like a video.


2. A video is the ONLY way to get testimonials from satisfied clients in front of your prospects.


3. A video shows the “inside look” at your business.


4. A video has many uses... put it on a DVD, website advertising or TV.


5. Send the link to your web video in your emails, share the video with potential clients around the world.


6. Feature the video in your corporate e-newsletter.


7. Use it as a sales tool.


"AGP was extremely professional with my video.  They helped me improve the presentation and get it in front of other companies who were interested in my work."

- Phillip J Fry

"I have increased my customer base greatly after having my strategy reviewed and changed.  Thank you Avant-garde Productions, LLC"

- Adam West